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Aiping Yao Selected As URSI GASS 2017 Student Paper Competition Finalist

IT'IS Foundation PhD student Aiping Yao was selected as a finalist in the Student Paper Competition at URSI GASS 2017 for her work entitled "Robust experimental evaluation method for the safety assessment of implants with respect to RF-induced heating during MRI", co-authored by Earl Zastrow and Niels Kuster.

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IT'IS and ZMT at Auden Group Seminar in Taipei, Taiwan July 6, 2017

Niels Kuster and Erdem Ofli were presenters at the Auden Group Seminar on the integration of next-generation electromagnetic technologies in biomedical applications held in Taipei, Taiwan July 6, 2017.

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Swiss Chamber of Technical and Forensic Experts Visit Zurich43

Members of the Swiss Chamber of Technical and Forensic Experts visited the IT'IS Foundation to learn about procedures for safety certification of wireless devices.

ETH Zurich D-ITET Masters Students and VetClinics-UZH Faculty Visit Zurich43

ETH Zurich D-ITET Masters Students and VetClinics-UZH Faculty Visit Zurich43

A group of about 30 master students from the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (D-ITET) of the ETH Zurich visited Zurich43 for a morning seminar on "Non-ionising radiation: a health risk from low doses?". The visit was part of the course "Energy, Resources, Environment: Risks and Prospects" taught by Dr. Thomas Flüeler.

The seminar started with an introduction by Dr. Flüeler, followed by a lecture on "Research on risk assessment, definition of threshold values and latest procedures for type tests of 4G/5G devices and medicinal implants" presented by Niels Kuster and Sven Kühn of the IT'IS Foundation.

The students were next treated to a tour of the IT’IS research facilities, with stops at the Yellow Chamber, ICEy and TDS probes, and the AllyPally phantoms, followed by a break for refreshments.

The seminar resumed after the break with presentations by guest lecturers, starting with Dr. Edith Steiner MD of the Basel-based group Ärztinnen und Ärzte für Umweltschutz (AefU), speaking on "Electromagnetic fields and health". Prof. Michael Hässig of the Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich then presented his work on the "Impact of electromagnetic radiation on calves". After a question and answer session, the seminar continued with a lecture by Cornelia Semadeni on "Electromagnetic fields – health – politics: The perspective of Ärztinnen und Ärzte für Umweltschutz (AefU)".

The morning concluded with a discussion of risk concepts and how to balance a permissive approach that allows the use and proliferation of new technologies until a danger from those technologies is identified with a more measured approach that emphasizes the importance of safety testing and proof of compliance with standards before market release of new devices.

ETHZ D ITET visit 1

Niels Kuster introducing the use of OTA phantoms in EMF studies

ETHZ D ITET visit 2

Sven Kuehn discussing standards and compliance concepts

ETHZ D ITET visit 3

Niccolò Baldoni showing a wrist phantom

ETHZ D ITET visit 4

Beyhan Kochali demonstrating a state-of-the-art probe

ETHZ D ITET visit 5

Prof. Hässig sharing results about effects of exposure to EMF on cataracts in calves

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Two IT'IS Papers Supporting NIEHS NTP Study of Cell Phone RF Radiation and Carcinogensis in Rats Published Online

Two papers in support of the preliminary findings of the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) Study on Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR) and Carcinogensis have recently been published online in IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

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Faculty and Masters Students from the University of Kassel Visit Zurich43

Faculty and masters students from the University of Kassel Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE) degree program visited Zurich43 on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 for an introduction to IT'IS research programs and a tour of the laboratories.

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Zurich43 Retreat 2017 at Pilatus Kulm - Communication

Twenty-five Zurich43 associates and three IT'IS Foundation board members gathered in the historic Hotel Pilatus-Kulm high above Luzern 30 – 31 January 2017 for their annual retreat, this year on communication. The goal of the two-day retreat was to find ways to improve communication skills across various target groups, channels, and markets, both within Z43 and with the outside world.

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X-TRA, X-TRA! Inaugural Zurich43 Party: X-TRAordinary Nine = X-TRAordinary Fun!

The 2017 Z43 annual party held at Zurich’s X-TRA concert hall celebrated the emerging corporate identity and global reach of the Z43 brand.