5 – 6 October 2017



A - Basic theory/techniques of photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement

Microwave photonics, Fiber optics, Microwave engineering, Sensing technology, Antenna measurements, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurements, Electrical and electronic circuit measurements, Imaging and Radar

B - Photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement systems

Electromagnetic-field measurement systems, Optical measurement systems, EMC measurement systems, Optical sources, Probes and sensors, Remote sensing systems, Optical fiber systems

C - Closely-related technologies of photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement

Optical signal transmission techniques, Signal restoring and reconstructing techniques, Image processing techniques

D -New device/technology for photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement

Advanced electro-optic sensor, Antenna-coupled photonic device, High-speed photonic device, New antennas/probes for electromagnetic measurement

E - New applications of photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement 



Special Session


Biomedical applications of photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement



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