5 – 6 October 2017



In order to meet our customers’ needs, I-Wave Corporation tries to respond to each and every customer. We hear our customers’ requests and examine and propose products that fit the uses of their research and development projects. Please feel free to contact us for information on products!

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Sevensix, Inc. is one of the leading distributors involved in the optical, telecom, and fiber laser, and microwave industries in Japan. We are specialists for selling optical and radiofrequency components to the Japanese market. We have opened additional branches in Osaka, Japan and Hanoi, Vietnam in the past 2 years to expand our business. Recently, we have also started to focus on the exporting business to expand sales of Japanese products made by highly-qualified vendors, such as Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Japan.

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Schmid & Partner AG (SPEAG), founded in December 1994 as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ), is a major annual sponsor of the research institute the IT'IS Foundation. SPEAG products include the Dosimetric Assessment SYstem (DASY) line of electromagnetic near-field scanners and the Simulation Platform for ElectroMagnetic Compatibility, Antenna Design and Dosimetry (SEMCAD), a powerful tool for analysis, design, and optimization of antennas embedded in complex environments.
SPEAG develops time domain sensors (TDS) – fusing power- and radio-frequency-over-fiber technologies – for integration into miniaturized fully isolated active optical probes for near electromagnetic field measurements.

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Sumitomo Osaka Cement (SOC) has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying state-of-the-art lithium niobate modulators for use in optical transport technologies for more than 20 years. SOC’s modulators are used in telecommunication and non-telecommunication applications, including cable TV and radio-over-fiber transmission systems and test and measurement systems. Our optical modulators for telecommunication systems will be on display at PEM2017, along with our high-extinction-ratio modulator for two-tone optical signal generation. Put our high reliability and 20-plus years of experience to work for your company and laboratory!

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Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based technology company that specializes in the engineering and manufacture of interconnection / coaxial cable products for the aerospace, defense, telecommunication, and industrial markets. Established in 1958, Waka is one of the most experienced Japanese companies in the coaxial market, especially for millimeter wave frequencies up to 110 GHz. Highlighted products include: 1.0 mm semi-rigid, flexible connector cable Assy, adapters for up to 110 GHz, coaxial waveguide adapters for up to WR10-1.0 mm, precision phase shifters with 140 psec for shifting up to 67 GHz and higher.

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