5 – 6 October 2017

Call for Papers

Abstract submission is now closed!


Abstracts should fit one of the following topics:

A - Basic theory/techniques of photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement

B - Photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement systems

C - Closely-related technologies of photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement

D -New device/technology for photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement

E - New applications of photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement 

F - Special Session on biomedical applications of photonics-applied electromagnetic measurement

Abstract preparation

Please download the Word or LaTeX template to use for preparing your abstract. Please convert to pdf before submitting.

Detailed instructions are provided in the template, but note that extended abstracts should not exceed 4 pages (A4). The extended abstract must contain enough information for the reviewers to judge the originality and quality of the work.

Submit your abstract as an e-mail attachment to pem2017@itis.ethz.ch. When submitting, please include in the e-mail subject line the topic that pertains to your work, chosen from the codes listed under Abstract Categories (e.g., PEM2017 abstract - topic A). If you are unsure which topic is the most appropriate, please indicate the two or three most relevant ones.

Please note the following rules: 

  • At least one of the authors listed must be registered to attend the conference
  • Each attendee may present one paper only
The abstracts will be reviewed by members of the local scientific committee, and authors will receive a personal email to inform them of the acceptance or the rejection of their submission. 

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